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Inside the ONLY online program guided by geriatrician Leslie Kernisan, MD MPH

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Helping older parents is not an easy journey

Which is why you need expert guidance. And ongoing support.

Helping aging parents is a marathon through a complicated new land. 

Every day I work with people helping older parents and I know how they struggle. Chances are, you’re experiencing... 

  • Worry that your older parent may not be safe anymore — especially if they live alone and are having trouble managing their home, driving, medications or finances 
  • Conflict with your parent when they won’t listen to your advice, resist the help or life changes they need
  • Frustration with how hard it is to get answers and help from your parent’s doctors
  • Guilt and anxiety because you can’t do enough to solve it all and feel like you’re “letting everyone down” when you’re pulled too thin
  • Confusion about how to get started or what to do next and how to get your parents the care and help they need
  • Overwhelm with the amount of time and energy it takes to find answers online and figure out everything on your own (only to find conflicting results)

Whether your main concerns are about health, safety, declining independence or you’re just struggling to figure out the next caregiving step, the right kind of guidance will make your journey much easier.

Join us and you'll have the expert guidance and support you need to navigate this journey. We’ll help you get your parents the care they need while preserving your relationship -- and your sanity.

"Dr. K, I just wanted you and others know what a fabulous support and educational program this is. Using this as a tool, my husband and I were able to get my 88-year-old aunt to her primary care physician for a verbal diagnosis and referral to a neurologist. Thank you for this type of program and your heart for caregivers and those requiring the care."

Becky E.

What if it were easier to get expert advice on helping older parents with health, safety, and quality of life?

You don't need to spend so much time feeling lost, frustrated, guilty, or overwhelmed when it comes to your aging parents.

And you definitely don't need to feel alone!

The Helping Older Parents Membership helps people like you…
  1. Get your parent the care they need (and help them accept it), so they can be healthier, safer and happier
  2. Improve your relationship with your parent, so you have less conflict and more connection
  3. Preserve your own mental, emotional and physical wellbeing, so you don’t get burned out from helping your parent

With help like this, you can have more clarity, confidence and peace of mind.


If you’ve ever felt you just don’t know where to start (or what to do next)

If you’ve wished you could ask experts your questions...

If you’d like to have professionals help walk you through the next steps to stay ahead of the game...

If you’re looking for answers on how to give your parent the best life possible with the care they need… 

Then, you owe it to yourself to give membership a try for 30 days, risk-free.

Through my Helping Older Parents Membership you can:

  • Get guidance and coaching from me, Dr. Kernisan (Dr. K) — an MD specializing in treating older adults
  • Learn from geriatric care managers and eldercare experts how to effectively manage the life changes that come with helping older parents
  • Discover game-changing approaches to helping aging parents, so you can finally get them the care and support they need
  • Get clarity on what to expect for the future and what to ask doctors, so you can be proactive about your aging parent's health and caregiving needs
  • Get answers in live calls with me and aging care experts, so you’re equipped to solve real-life scenarios 
  • Learn proven strategies for addressing difficult family dynamics, so you can get more aligned on what’s right for your older parent
  • Find support from others on the same journey if you need it, in a private, expert-moderated membership forum

"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! We'd still be struggling in a very bad and declining situation if it were not for the HOP Membership. The HOP course, plus the support in the online group, was instrumental in getting my husband's 3 brothers aligned and accepting of their mom's condition. It has led to my mother-in-law going to assisted living and now is being used to get her long-term care insurance to start paying."

Lori Kelly

With support and guidance like this, you can:

  • Help your parents be safer, healthier and happier by following  proven geriatrics approaches for the care and wellbeing of aging adults
  • Find the caregiving information and resources you need in less time and with less hassle, so that you have more time available for yourself or your parents
  • Make even difficult family relationships easier with game-changing communication strategies and goals coaching
  • Spend more time connecting and less time arguing, so that you can be there for your older parent in the ways that matter most
  • Feel less guilty, frustrated, or helpless, so that you can sleep better at night and avoid the dangers of chronic caregiving stress

"What I like is that I can post a question or a worry at any time and know that I will get some sort of response fairly soon, whereas it takes so long to hear back from my mother's doctors. Access to this support feels like a real lifesaver."

C. L.

The Helping Older Parents Membership is a program designed specifically to guide and support people caring for declining aging parents

You’ll have ongoing access to guidance and suggestions from me, Dr. K, and my hand-picked team of aging care experts.

With the Helping Older Parents Membership, you’ll have the direction, expert guidance and support you need to help you take the next best steps for your parent and yourself. You don’t have to walk this journey alone.

Membership only opens a few times a year so I can focus on serving our members. Don’t miss out on this unique ongoing support program I’ve created, just for people like you!


"I knew I needed to give more people helping older parents access to experts like me and geriatric care managers... That’s why I created the Helping Older Parents program."

Dr. Leslie Kernisan

This is the first-ever program of its kind led by a geriatrician, featuring the support of professional geriatric care managers


Medical issues are at the root of most challenges our older parents face. As a geriatrician, I’m a medical doctor who has specialized in the healthcare of older adults

In the membership, I won’t be acting as your MD or your parent’s doctor. However, I will teach you how geriatricians handle health issues in vulnerable aging adults, what to expect with common conditions, and we can coach you on what to ask your parent’s healthcare providers. My goal is to help you get your parent more of the healthcare they need and less of what they don’t need.

But helping older parents goes beyond addressing medical concerns: it’s all about setting up a care system that can support an older adult as abilities change due to health problems. 

That’s why we geriatricians do our best work when we partner with geriatric care managers. And that’s why I’ve recruited a team of experienced geriatric care managers into the Helping Older Parents membership.

Geriatric care managers (also now known as “Aging Life Care Professionals”) are licensed  professionals who specialize in helping older adults and their families with common late-life challenges. They advise our members on sticky challenges, including:

  • Finding and accessing the right services, care and housing
  • Ways you can help your older parent adapt to changes
  • Best approaches for mediating family relationship issues
  • Steps for creating a long-term care plan 
  • How to handle advance planning documents
  • Need-to-know info on accessing benefits to pay for care
  • And more

In my private practice, I know how important it is to access the right professionals for the right problems. That’s the experience I want for you. And it’s why geriatric care managers are such an important part of the membership.


Meet Our Expert Geriatric Care Managers

Michelle Allen LCSW C-ASWCM

“Hi, I’m Michelle and I’m a licensed clinical social worker, working in geriatrics since 2003. ​

My passion is to help older adults and their families create long term care plans, communicate wishes about aging and dying, navigate the confusing maze of health and long term care providers, advocate for good care, and cope with major life transitions.”

Linda Fodrini-Johnson MFT CMC

“I am a Licensed Marriage Family Therapist and a Certified Professional Care Manager with over 30 years of experience. I am the 2010 past President of the Aging Life Care Association as well as past President of the Western Regional Chapter in 2007.

I have a lifelong passion for assisting families and connecting them with the right resources. I’m a great believer in providing information families need to make good decisions about how to care for a loved one.”

Malka Young LICSW CCM

“I’m a social worker and geriatric care manager who has been helping older adults and their families solve their most challenging problems for over 30 years. 

Having worked in teaching hospitals, home care, nursing homes, hospice and in the community, I have coached older adults and their caregivers to become active managers and connect them to the services they need for their best quality of life. Collaboratively, I look for solutions that balance safety and an older person’s need for a vital and engaged life.”

What You Get When You Join the Helping Older Parents Membership

(The ONLY online caregiving membership featuring regular guidance from a board-certified geriatrician and professional geriatric care managers)

Your membership includes:

Part 1: Group Coaching Calls with Dr. K and Geriatric Professionals

Twice a month, in live calls with me, Dr. K, and with our other aging care experts, you’ll get the chance to have your questions answered and learn from other members’ questions. 

This is a priceless opportunity to chat with me or one of our care managers, to get extra insights and suggestions.

And if you can’t make it to the calls live? Every coaching session is recorded and available to listen on-demand. You'll also be able to download an audio-only recording for convenient listening while commuting or on the go. 

Our group calls are especially good for coaching members on how to get through a sticky situation, identifying good questions to ask of your parent's health providers, and much more.

NEW BONUS DURING COVID: Extra Q&A Coaching Calls with our Geriatric Care Managers! 

To help our members get extra support during this unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, our geriatric care managers are currently offering two extra group calls per month!

These calls are being tailored to our members' needs and are currently focused on how to help a parent with dementia or memory problems. Our experts are providing guidance addressing housing and care needs, tactics to get a parent to accept more help, examples of how to manage difficult behaviors, when to use a therapeutic fiblet, and much more.


"The organization and content of the program is invaluable. They touch on every aspect of elder care. Also good for my own preparation for aging."

Mary Anne Laurer

"The membership has kept me from going in to a panic when it comes to my folks. I know I will use the resources more as they continue to age."

Susan Pacheco

Part 2: Helping Older Parents Essentials Course By Dr. K

This self-paced course delivers my signature roadmap and proven model for helping older parents — with better results. 

I’ve taken proven strategies from my clinical geriatrics practice to create lessons that are straightforward, engaging, and based on real-life scenarios.

Every video and audio module is online, and you’ll also get downloadable PDFs of lessons, cheatsheets and resource guides to reinforce everything taught in the course.

In 8 on-demand modules, I’ll walk you through:

  • Module 1: Checking for health and safety issues, so you know what’s really a concern and what to do first
  • Module 2: Communication strategies for working with parents, siblings and doctors to smooth relationships and get better outcomes 
  • Module 3: Assessing possible memory and thinking problems (including evaluation challenges)
  • Module 4: How caregivers can get essential support and prioritize real self-care 
  • Module 5: Getting organized, so you can get out of constant overwhelm
  • Module 6: Setting goals and navigating difficult decisions
  • Module 7: What you must know about medical, long-term care, end-of-life care and financial advance planning
  • Module 8: Rethinking roles, so you can really help your parent with what matters most
There is no single book that covers the information in this course. You get the value of my medical training, research and first-hand experience working with older adults for 13 years.

"The course has particularly helped me to be easier on myself, and take to heart that I can't make everything perfect. That's a challenge for me, and I think I'm now on the road to becoming a better a caregiver who cares, rather than one who manages, while doing enough of both - whatever "enough" turns out to be. This has helped me enjoy being a daughter to my aging mother."

Kathy W.

"Thanks to the HOP Program, I can "talk" to my mom without challenging her (which was never intentional). I have lowered my expectations. I understand that she is making her choices even though they're not mine, and that's ok. It's thanks to all the advice here that I've been able to drastically change my expectations and my conversations."

Carol L.

Part 3: Helping Older Parents Community

Unlike most other online support groups, this is a truly private online membership community hosted outside Facebook. This allows us to offer an ad-free online forum where you can keep your information private. (You don’t even have to reveal your full name.)

It’s a space where you can connect with people like you, plus get additional insights and suggestions from me and our geriatric care manager experts.

When you need help, just pose your question in the forum. I’ve hand-picked a community moderator with expertise in eldercare, Carol Bradley Bursack, to point you towards whatever resources you need to solve any challenge you're facing.

But the community is also a place of emotional support. You can vent, share progress and celebrate wins. (Being validated and encouraged is what members often say they didn’t know they were missing.) You can engage with others going through the same journey and get their perspectives. Or you can quietly learn from the community and the stories we share.


"The emotional support has been very important to me! I have no siblings and very little other family. It's especially helpful if you feel like you're going through this alone - you don't have to! "

Vickie S.

"I would like to thank Dr K and Carol especially for their effort and involvement in this community. You have both made a huge difference in my journey with my parents. I am thankful for all of the information you have provided and for your often very personal support."

Gail D.

PLUS! You'll also get these extra bonuses & resources when you join us today!

1. Extra Expert-Led Group Calls During COVID

To help our members get extra support during this unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, our geriatric care managers are currently offering two extra group calls per month!

These calls are being tailored to our members' needs and are currently focused on how to help a parent with dementia or memory problems. Our experts are providing guidance addressing housing and care needs, tactics to get a parent to accept more help, examples of how to manage difficult behaviors, when to use a therapeutic fiblet, and much more.

2. Custom Relaxation Audios Designed for COVID Times

To help members with the most common worries and fears that COVID is bringing up, Dr. Kernisan collaborated with a professional to create a set of custom relaxation audios.

These are helping our members reduce stress and improve sleep, by gently redirecting the mind towards better perspectives on how we can support our aging parents during these challenging times.

Note: The purpose of this online membership and any related coaching is education and support, not medical diagnosis or treatment. Dr. Kernisan is a licensed medical doctor but in her role providing guidance to our membership community, she will NOT be acting as your doctor or your parent’s doctor. Participating in this online membership does not imply or establish a doctor-patient relationship with her, and this program cannot be a substitute for medical encounters with a qualified health professional. This is a non-medical group program designed to provide education and support related to common age-related health, living, and caregiving challenges. For medical concerns related to yourself or your parent, or to have a person's medical information reviewed, you will need to contact and get care from a licensed medical professional in your state.

"Living with the "paradoxes" Dr. K explains in the HOP course has been life-changing. So much relief! So good to know I have a safe and knowledgable place to come to when I need help - and I don't have to make an appointment & wait 3 weeks and be in fear of jeopardizing my dad's situation. The HOP Membership provides relevant support and peace of mind that I wish for every care giver and child of older parent."


Countless people go through a longer, harder journey than they need to because they aren’t able to access the right experts

That’s why I created this membership

"There are 7,000 geriatricians in the US, approximately. But there are 20 million Americans over the age of 75. That means there’s only about 1 geriatrician for every 3,000 people over age 75. So we can't count on older adults being cared for directly by geriatricians. But we can coach and support through group programs, like this membership."

Dr. Leslie Kernisan
Most older adults can’t get access to a geriatrician when they need it

Waitlists for specialized geriatric care are growing, and in many regions, specialists aren’t available. But non-specialists aren’t experts in late-life healthcare, so it can be a risk trusting your parent’s health to a health provider who's not trained in geriatrics. 

Out-of-pocket costs are high for geriatric care management services 

Geriatric care managers can help families solve a wide range of challenges caring for older adults. But services typically range from $100 - $200 per hour. 

And when you do get an appointment, you don’t always know how to get the most of the time by asking the right questions — if you’re starting without the right knowledge.

After searching, too many people helping older parents realize they can’t easily access the geriatric professionals they need.  

I don’t want that for you — especially when a better way is at your fingertips and affordable for everyone.

When you join the Helping Older Parents program, you get a clear path through the challenges ahead and reliable sounding board. 

Which means you can avoid wasted time, energy and regrets. 

And you can ensure you have access to all this — whenever you need it, as long as you need it — for less than a dollar a day.

"This has so far been a great resource. It explains a lot about how I and my siblings have been feeling about our resistant aging parent. I would have been willing to pay more!"

Susan Buffler

"The information and resources are incredibly helpful. You can engage with others in similar situations or you can privately read and experience the way others find to deal with issues."


To get results like these, you don’t need to use the program every day

You can see significant improvements in your parent’s wellbeing, your wellbeing and your relationship — even if you only use the program when you need it

Some weeks or months helping your older parent will be easier, others harder. That’s the nature of the journey.

We’re here to help when things come up.

When you’re stuck or you’re ready to plan the next step with your parent, it helps to have expert advice on hand. 


"The HOP Membership is incredibly valuable, even during those months when we're not taking full advantage. We have learned so much and are now much calmer when dealing with our aging parents. This has in turn allowed our parents to be more open to our help. Learning to remember that they are autonomous adults has been tremendously useful. Knowing that help is available when we need it is a great relief."


Try the Helping Older Parents Program Membership if...

✓ You want to help your parent stay as safe, healthy and happy as possible, without getting stuck in conflict or overwhelm 

✓ You need support to feel more confident and at peace in your role as a helper

✓ You want to improve communications with your parent, other family members and care providers

✓ You just wish someone would give you the scripts of what to say, to really help in tough situations

✓ You want practical strategies for times when nothing seems to work, but you can’t accept the way things are

✓ You know you should be enjoying these last times with your parents, but it’s too stressful

✓ You worry that you’ll have regrets about the way things were handled for your parent, and you want to avoid all those ‘what if’s’ down the road

✓ You’re feeling the weight of stress and need strategies to stay healthy yourself

We can help -- and we'll show you how when you join risk-free for 30 days. 


Get the guidance, answers and support you need from my Helping Older Parents Program TODAY!

Choose the option that works best for you:

Helping Older Parents Course ONLY



Get instant access to all 8 modules of the Helping Older Parents Course, including exclusive cheatsheets and resource lists.


Helping Older Parents Course & MEMBERSHIP



Get ongoing guidance from Dr. K, our geriatric care managers, and other eldercare experts hand-picked by Dr. Kernisan. 

Membership includes twice monthly group calls with Dr. K, support from peers and experts in our online community, and guidance as you go through the Helping Older Parents Course. 


Our 30 Day Risk-Free Guarantee

I’m confident that this membership program will provide you with a level of expert guidance and support that you just can’t get anywhere else. That’s why I’m offering you 30 days, risk-free, to try it. You can join me, my team and the community for 30 days and if the membership doesn't meet your expectations for any reason, simply email support and we will send you a refund.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Helping Older Parents Membership

If you're very busy, all the more reason to join a program that will save you time and stress by helping you figure out what's better to do, faster. 

The program is designed for busy people. 

In creating the course, I left out the filler information and organized it so you can get to the information you need now. 

The coaching calls are recorded, so if you can’t make it, you can download the audios and listen on-the-go.

And the community is here when you need it. Log in to catch up when you have time.

You can keep the Helping Older Parents program like you would AAA insurance: so when a dilemma comes up, you know you can access an expert quickly.

Our membership provides you with:

  • Twice monthly group coaching calls hosted by me, Dr. Kernisan
  • Access all 8 modules of the Helping Older Parents Essentials Course
  • An online forum where you can ask questions of our experts, which include experienced geriatric care managers, learn from others in the community, get encouragement and support

This is the only membership that combines a geriatrician's guidance and coaching with a private peer-support community featuring geriatric care managers.

Our online community forum is hosted on Mighty Networks, a well-regarded platform designed to host online communities without the noise, distractions, and advertising that is common on Facebook.

Mighty Networks also allows users more options and privacy in regards to how they display their name. So you won't have to share your full name in our community unless you want to. This enables us to offer a safe and private space in which you can share whatever is on your mind or is going on with your family.

That's ok! We've designed our membership to accommodate the fact that different members have different levels of comfort sharing. Some pop quietly into the membership to privately read what others post and learn. They benefit without ever sharing what they feel is private. 

And while some of our outgoing, unreserved members would love to have in-person meetups (they create such bonds), that’s not everyone’s style. 

You don’t even have to use your real name in the membership group.

Our membership community offers much more than peer-support. In particular, this is the ONLY online community that also features the guidance of a geriatrician such as Dr. Kernisan, as well as support from geriatric care managers and other eldercare experts.

Furthermore, most free online support groups rely on advertising to finance the group. Our community is ad-free, so that you can focus on getting the support and guidance that you need.

There is a lot of overlap between the needs of people concerned about aging parents and those caring for an aging spouse. And, there tend to be some different issues as well. This particular membership community is  designed for people helping an older parent. If you are caring for an older spouse or partner, you can join, just bear in mind that it may not feel like an ideal fit.

Thank you for your interest in this  membership program! At this time we will only be accepting members who are caring for an older parent or other close older relative. If you're interesting in getting support and information related to your own aging journey, please stay tuned and continue to follow Better Health While Aging. Dr. Kernisan has plans to eventually create programs that support older adults as well.

Geriatrics is a medical specialty. A geriatrician is a medical doctor (MD or DO) who has specialized in the healthcare of older adults. 

In comparison, gerontology is a social science discipline focused on aging. A gerontologist has usually done either masters-level or doctorate-level studies related to aging, but is not a trained healthcare professional.

Because the wellbeing of older adults is about much more than addressing health issues, I’ve brought on a team of other non-physician experts to help support our community. Our geriatric care managers have backgrounds in social work and family therapy, and we're hoping to add more experts soon.

We offer a 30-day risk free guarantee, so your payment upon joining the membership is refundable for the first 30 days. 

After that, you'll be billed either monthly or quarterly (depending on which option you chose), for as long as you want to remain a member.

You can cancel your membership subscription at any time, simply by emailing our support team.

Yes! For each sibling paying for a quarterly membership, we can offer a 50% off discount for up to two additional siblings or family members.

Because we have to issue the discounts manually after enrollment, this option is only available for the quarterly plan.

To take advantage of this plan, each family member should purchase a quarterly membership at the listed price, and then we will issue partial refunds to the additional family members.

If you have questions, just let us know at

Don't Miss Your Opportunity to Join Me, Dr. Kernisan, Inside the Helping Older Parents Membership, Risk-Free!

Get the guidance and support you need to help your older parents while protecting your relationship with them - and maintaining your sanity.

But you'll have to act NOW, because we're only able to open our doors to new members a few times per year. When the doors close, we’ll be 100% focused on helping members inside.

Join us today to try everything inside the membership for 30-days risk-free. You have nothing to lose and LOTS to gain.

"LOVE the opportunity to ask questions specific to my personal situation, the modules, and group calls. Being able to have medical questions answered rather than wait for the next neurology appointment is invaluable as well as the support from others. JOIN - you won't be sorry!!"

Linda Kline

Learn what really works from a geriatrician whose advice reaches over 2 million people every year

Leslie Kernisan, MD MPH, is a board-certified geriatrician who completed her medical training in internal medicine, geriatrics, and health services research at UCSF, a Top Ten medical institution. 

She began writing practical articles about aging health for the public in 2008 when she realized that countless people were looking online for help with questions she knew how to answer.

Through the Better Health While Aging‘s website, podcast and articles in national publications, Dr. K has become a leading expert on health and caregiving for older adults and their families — reaching over two million readers every year.


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