How to Help Your Older Parents Address Health & Safety Issues,

Even if They're Resisting Your Help

Learn why usual approaches don't work & what to do instead.



Presented by Leslie Kernisan, MD MPH

Geriatrician & Founder,

Have you been worried about your aging parents' health or safety?

But found yourself frustrated because they refuse to consider the changes that seem necessary?

It's a common situation that arises. You want to respect your older parents' dignity and independence.

But, you've noticed signs and issues that worry you. Maybe it's that your older mom seems to be having trouble managing on her own the way she used to. Or maybe it's that your dad has gotten forgetful, but refuses to take sensible steps such as seeing the doctor, accepting help, and cutting back on driving.

You're pretty sure that things need to change. All you want is for them to be safer, healthier, and happier. And you're so tired of feeling guilty about every other conversation becoming a conflict.

You know they need to accept certain changes. But how, when they won't listen?

As a practicing geriatrician (a medical doctor for older adults), I've helped countless families navigate these kinds of situations. And now, I'll be sharing my approach to addressing an older person's resistance, in a free webinar that I've created just for people like you.

What You'll Learn in this Free Live Workshop:

  • Why older parents usually resist "sensible" advice 
  • 4 things to do that will help (& one thing to NOT do)
  • How to know if you really SHOULD be worried about their memory or thinking (& what to do)
  • How to finally stop feeling helpless, guilty, or frustrated, & instead help your parents be safer, healthier, & happier


  • Free PDF to help you check for symptoms of memory and thinking problems

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Wednesday, June 19, 2019 at 6:00 PM Pacific Time (9:00 PM Eastern Time)

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