Free online workshop for people who have an aging parent with memory loss

Leslie Kernisan, MD MPH

How to Help Your Parent
with Memory Loss Be Safer

(Even if They're Resisting) 

Presented by Leslie Kernisan, MD MPH
Geriatrician and Founder of Better Health While Aging

After this workshop, you'll be able to:

  • Talk to your parent about safety concerns -- in a way that reduces conflicts and promotes understanding
  • Get more of the help you need from your parent’s doctors and other professionals
  • Know why you shouldn’t always wait for your parent’s agreement -- and what to do instead
  • Use Dr. K's approach to help your parent with memory loss stop driving, or to address other needed safety changes.


  • Get a FREE PDF to help you know what to say to your parent with memory loss -- and what to STOP saying
Leslie Kernisan, MD MPH


Questions about signing up? Email [email protected] & we will help you!